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“We worked with Tim way back in 2015 on our Torque EP. We recorded musical instruments on a remote site and then came to him with some very rough recordings. It was exciting to work with Tim as he began to mould our raw sound and was very attentive to detail & understanding of how we wanted the finished product to sound. 


Tim wasn’t afraid to put forward his own ideas and sounds and we loved working with him to achieve the final product.


He made the team feel welcome, genuinely cared for the band and after hearing us live, did all he could to achieve the authentic sound that was at the time Torque.


Tim finishes his products with excellence, taking the time necessary to finish a project properly.


We’d recommend Tim to anyone wanting to record. He is a bright young man with a sharp ear and an open mind for different music styles. It is fair to say he has mastered the fine art of sound engineering.”


- Torque.





“Besides Tim being a good friend and a former neighbour of mine, he is very professional in his approach to client service. He has an amiable mien, humble disposition and is ever willing to encourage his customers to be their best. 


I needed to do some recording for my upcoming gospel song album, and he was very supportive from start to finish. The record spanned over about four months and was exciting. Although I was very nervous initially, as evidenced by several off-pitch notes I took, Tim did not fail in encouraging me in such a way that boosted my confidence. 


Tim is well experienced in the studio and recording business and values customer satisfaction above his benefits. He believes in the art of music and understands that inspiration is the foundation of a creative piece of work. I recommend him to anyone who is wondering or speculating about which studio to engage for their music project. Tim rocks!”


- Kelechi Ibegbulem.




“Tim, I would just like to say a massive thank you. For your professionalism, premium customer service and patience while working with me on my music project. 


From the beginning of the project through to the end you went above and beyond to ensure I was satisfied with my final voice recordings and spent time to perfect any details I needed changed. I think it’s obvious where I’ll be coming next to record my next track.”


- Adele Marie.




“Tim at Hosea Creative is an absolute gem in his field. Our recording experience was very laid back and easily manageable, whilst at the same time very flat out with Tim hard at work to deliver us the best possible end product he could! 


After everything was done we were super happy with the result and were stoked enough to release our debut EP soon after! We recommend Tim 100% and look forward to possibly working together again down the track! Thank you Tim!”


- Headstone Villains.




“I was referred to Tim at Hosea Creative for the purpose of recording my performance songs. My experience with Tim was nothing but a high standard of professionalism. As this was my first time recording at a professional level, Tim was very patient with me and provided all the knowledge necessary to assist me along the way during my recording.


Tim provided a quick and proficient service and I was exceptionally happy with my recording. I would recommend Tim highly to anyone in the music industry.”


- Kate McSwain.




“Tim is a great person to work with, he is open to new ideas, always listened to what we wanted and wants us to be the best we can be! Highly recommend!”


- Loose Bricks.




“I recorded two songs with Tim. It was my first time recording, so I was a little nervous! Tim set me at ease straight away and made the whole afternoon fun! 


I really enjoyed it. It didn't take long and I loved the final recordings! It was a wonderful afternoon and I look forward to recording with Tim again in the future and highly recommend him. Very professional and top quality recordings.”


- Olivia Nichols.




“We couldn’t be happier with the level of skill and professionalism that Tim provided at Hosea Creative! 


From the start of the recording process to the end he really catered to our needs and wishes, as well as providing his own professional ideas. We are extremely happy with the end result and cannot wait to do more recordings in the future.


Thank you Tim!”


- Overwound.




“Tim was very professional when I approached him about a recording I needed done for my wedding. He was helpful and it was exactly what I wanted and have gained a friend from my time spent with him. Highly recommended to have him do any of your music project needs.”


- Stephanie Caminiti.




“I was so impressed with the professionalism and quality of work that Tim offered me. He took the time to really understand my vision and he worked so hard on turning that dream into a reality. 


Tim’s warmth and kindness made it easy for me to feel relaxed about the recording process and allowed me to produce my best work. I highly recommend Hosea Creative.”


- Tara Muscatello.

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